New Clients

Businessmen interacting

When we first start working with you here is a partial list of questions we may ask:

Project Related

  • Project Justification and positioning
    • An introduction to the rationale behind the project, what the organization is looking to achieve  by completing the project and the return being sought including any relevant budgetary matters
    • Define success!
  • Expectations and obligations
    • Any explicit or implicit obligations on any stakeholders to the project and the dependencies both within and without the project
  • Scope and resourcing
    • Discussion around the definition of project scope and resourcing including any items that are yet to be resolved or may be in question
  • Risk Analysis
    • The initial project risk analysis, if completed.
  • Approach – methodology and tools
    • Any requirements on or tools available to the Project Team with a discussion on any opportunities or constraints that arise because of these
  • Planning
    • Information on the following subject areas:
      • Data sourcing and manipulation – tools, process and expertise available to the project
      • Resourcing – discussion on the project resourcing plan
      • Testing and Acceptance criteria
  • Change Management Strategy
    • What are the challenges in moving the organization successfully in to the new operating environment?
  • Post production positioning
    • What is the end goal, post-production – discussion on staffing, procedures, governance

Organization Related

  • Tell me your brand story.
  • What is your company culture? Would everyone within the organization say the same thing?
  • What is the value that you bring to the market ?
  • What do you feel your greatest strengths are?
  • What are your vulnerabilities?
  • Why do people buy from you?
  • What do they buy from your competition?
  • When you engage your customers, what do you want them to know about you?
  • What percentage of market share do you have?
    What percentage of market share would be considered a victory in 3-5 years?