We brings deep global implementation experience from both the business and systems perspectives to ensure success for customers in the fast-paced Workday world. Our services include our unique Client-side Project Management offering to ensure that customers benefits from the many projects that we have worked on and the lessons learned,

Our philosophy embraces the fact that customers expect us to be consulting with them and not to be implementing a ready-made solution. Our services enable our clients to achieve and manage business-transforming success through innovative ideas and solutions. Our deep-seated innovation culture enables us to challenge boundaries and processes to deliver high-value, high-impact solutions to our customers.


Rob Young is one of the most experienced project managers in the Workday ecosystem.

He started HCM Global Solutions in 2016 because of the increasing pressure faced by customer teams to deliver successful projects with fewer, Workday experienced resources. He brings his Workday Project Management experiences and knowledge to customers’ projects to ensure they can deliver on time and are positioned for successful post-production system ownership and value delivery. By leveraging the experiences of many previous projects, his customers prevent the costly mistakes that others have made from repeating in their projects. One key method to success that Rob employs is to not purely concentrate on the WHAT and HOW of the deployment, although these are surely crucial to the delivery, but to ensure that the reason WHY the system being deployed is embedded in all activities as a key driver.

Prior to establishing HCM Global Solutions Rob, spent 9 years with Collaborative Solutions where he was a certified HCM and Engagement Manager. He was successfully managed over 30 projects with budgets of up to $10m in a wide range of customers from smaller non-profit Foundations to large multi-national Corporation rollouts around the world.

With over 35 years of industry experience and 10 years of implementing Workday in all project phases in HCM, Payroll, Financials and PSA.

Originally form London, England Rob studied Computer Science at De Havilland College, London. When not consulting he enjoys travel, birding and photography

You can reach him at ryoung@hcmglobalsolutions.com